Copper ChoppersEdit

The Copper Chopper is a vehicle in The LEGO Movie. It is first introduced when Emmet and Wyldstyle are escaping in the car chase. When they go on the Monorail, the Copper Chopper drops a small police bike on it and it shoots lasers at them. 

When Wyldstyle jumps off the bike, she kicks it and it goes flying.

When Emmet and Wyldstyle go in through tunnel, the chopper and the police cars all crash.


The Copper Chopper​ appears to be a Black Helicopter with a drop hatch that drops small vehicles.

It has spotter lights and has 2 rotors that tilt and are symmetrical.


The Copper Chopper​'s Attack is like any other military helicopter.

  • Drops small fighting vehicles
  • Has missiles
  • Has a machine gun under the front or the head of the Helicopter


  • This Helicopter is most likely a similar creation to the real life military helicopter "Black Hawk"

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