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Emmet Brickowski
Gender Male
Enemies President Business

Bad Cop/Good Cop

Friends Wyldstyle (love interest)

Misc. Construction Workers

Job Construction Worker
Hometown Bricksburg
"I am a Master Builder!"
-Emmet, announcing his newfound self-indentity

Emmet Brickowski is the main protagonist of The LEGO Movie. In the movie, he is mistaken as a Master Builder and sets out on a mission to save the world. He is voiced by Chris Pratt.


Emmet is the main character of The LEGO Movie and the one who is prophesied to save the Lego world from President Business who intends to use a powerful relic called the Kragle. His main occupation is as a construction worker.

Portrayal in the SetsEdit

Emmet has multiple variants that can be obtained through a variety of different sets, promotions, and polybags.

Portrayal in the VideogameEdit

Being the main character of the film, Emmet is a common playable character in the story levels of the game. Emmet uses a Drill and a Wrench in the game. The Drill can destroy cracked tiling/parts and the Wrench can fix broken machinery. With the introduction of the Instruction Build and Master Build characters in this game, most of the time Emmet has to find instruction pages to build, that is, until the last two levels of the game where he becomes a Master Builder. It should be noted that he has the most variations of anyone in the game:

  • Normal
  • Piece of Resistance
  • Lego Piece
  • Pyjamas
  • Shower
  • Lizard
  • Woodsman
  • Clown
  • Trash Can
  • Wheelhead
  • Old West
  • Robot Disguise
  • Master Builder


Emmet wears a normal orange and blue construction vest and pants with silver lined on the back, front, and underneath the hips. On his left leg is a black and silver standard-issue ID badge with his name on it in white. There is a small image on the badge that shows a bald minifigure and a bio portrayed by indistinguishable silver bars. Like most minifigures in the film, he has yellow skin and no pupils in his eyes. His hair is brown with several ripples in it and a bit of hair sticking out of the back.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Despite being quite normal at the beginning of the film, Emmet has several talents, such as being good at repairing broken objects, handling a power drill, being good at team work, and even being able to wield a wooden axe like an expert. Emmet is also shown to be quite smart, seeing as he comes up with the entire plan to infiltrate the Octan Tower which almost worked. After returning from the human world, Emmet gains the ability to be a Master Builder and creates a Mech out of construction vehicles, making him also very creative and skilled in building. He is also skilled in fighting, shown when destroys an entire force of Skeletrons using his fists and the Piece of Resistance. Even before becoming a Master Builder he was still skilled enough with fighting to destroy Robo SWATs.


  • Emmet's hair is very similar to another common hair piece, except for the ripples and the hair sticking out.
  • he has two sons: Riley and Victor.

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