Red Spaceman
Better pciture
Gender Male
Enemies Lord Business
Friends The Master Builders, White Spaceman and Benny (brothers)
Job Spaceman
Hometown Space Cape

The Red Spaceman is a character and Master Builder in The LEGO Movie.


The Red Spaceman is one of the many Master Builders that attends the assembly at Cloud Cuckoo Land along with his friend or partner, the White Spaceman. When Cloud Cuckoo Land is attacked, he actually escapes along with the White Spaceman into the space realm, where they hear Wyldstyle's speech over a radio and are later seen when Benny crashes though the wall of the space realm.


Red in Cloud Cuckoo Land.


He wears a red spacesuit adorned with the classic space logo on it complete with the original helmet and jetpack. Like Benny and Emmet, he has no pupils in his eyes.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

The Red Spaceman has no specified abilities, aside from being able to master build.


  • When Benny crashes through the space realm, his face doesn't move at all and just remains like a normal LEGO smily face.