Risky Business
Risky Business Lego Movie villain
Gender Male
Enemies Emmet

Wyldstyle MetalBeard Benny Unikitty

Friends Robots

His younger brother, Lord Business (possible)

Job Evil mastermind
Hometown Brick-world?

Risky Business is the primary antagonist in The LEGO Movie 4D A New Adventure. He is Lord Business' older brother.

Background Edit

Risky sent a fake invite to the stars of The LEGO Movie inviting them to Brick-world a knockoff of LEGOLAND and apparently tried to turn them evil.

Quotes Edit

"Plotting! Me? Oh that is a good one! I dont even know how to begin a evil secret plot.(slips through secret door and talks to the robots) Begin the evil secret plot!"

"Drat, the plan will not work unless the stars of the Lego Movie are separated, their more powerful as a team"

"That's right. All hail me!"

"I created a magical place with rides based on your adventures

in the Lego Movie!"

Appearance Edit

Risky looks very similar to his brother but he does have some differences such as having white blocky hair instead of brown and biege.

He has the same type of suit as Lord Business but Risky's is blue with a red tie he also has the same face as his brother.

Abilities and skills Edit

Coming soon


  • He is voiced by Patton Oswalt.
  • He has the same hair and suit as Lord Business but recoulored.
  • He seems to have the same face as his brother but with some minor differences.
  • His name is a pun as in you are doing risky business.