Gender Male
Enemies The Joker
DUPLO Aliens
Friends Batman (adoptive father)
Alfred Pennyworth (adoptive grandfather)
President Business
Master Wu
Job Crime fighter
Master Builder
Hometown Gotham City

Dick Grayson a.k.a. Robin is Batman's adopted son and sidekick in The LEGO Batman Movie. He is voiced by Michael Cera. He is the tritagonist in The LEGO Movie Sequel.


Dick Grayson lost his parents at really young age and ended up in an orphanage, where he didn't have many friends. He is a huge fan of Batman and Bruce Wayne. The two met at Jim Gordon's Retirement Gala, where Bruce accidentally adopted him.


Robin is a cheerful, loud and fun-loving boy who loves everything Batman-related. He is very brave, if little oblivious and naive, as he is willing to do anything Batman asks him to do, no matter how dangerous. Robin is very kind and obedient, as he is always friendly towards everyone around him and despite his love for Batman, he is hesitant to go with him on a mission at first because he is afraid that his new dad, Bruce Wayne, would get angry at him. He is also a very sensitive soul and open about his feelings - he is mostly happy, but he is not afraid to cry if he has to.


Robin is slightly shorter than Batman, has short brown hair, freckles and big black eyes. Just like most characters in The Lego Batman Movie, he has normal human-like white skin.

As RobinEdit

Robin wears green googles, yellow glittery cape, red latex suit with yellow button, short green sleeves and black and yellow "R" logo. He also wears green briefs and red boots.

As Dick GraysonEdit

Dick Grayson wears huge round glasses, red sweater with robin pattern and blue jeans.

At Jim Gordon's Retirement Gala, he wears blue suit, pink shirt, dark blue bow tie, dark blue belt and black pants.


  • The character shares a similarity to the female Robin Carrie Kelley from Frank Miller's graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns.