Robo Pilot
Robo pilot
Gender None
Enemies The Master Builders
Friends President Business
Job Spaceship Pilots
Hometown Octan Tower
All units, attack that spaceship!

–The Robo Pilot commander to his task force

Robo Pilots are Robo SWAT members that pilot spaceships in Space Cape.


After the Fellowship of Strangers escaped from the Octan Tower in Benny's spaceship, a fleet of Robo Pilots attacked them in Space Cape and pursued them to the Old West, where Benny snuck up on them and knocked the spaceships into a Cliffside and shot lasers at the commanding Robo Pilot's ship, which then burst into flames.


Robo Pilots wear G-force suits adorned with the Octan logo with a black suit underneath and black helmets with red visors. They have the same heads as Skeletrons, but the physical counterpart has a breathing apparatus, however. It should also be noted that they wear a suit under their G-force suits.


  • As noted above, the physical counterpart has a breathing apparatus as opposed to a Skeletron-like head.
  • Robo Pilot can be unlocked in The LEGO Movie Videogame along with a pair of Astro Pants via code: 6LK3RRY4.
  • He has a different voice in The LEGO Movie Videogame, like quite a few other robots.
  • He is one of the robots that is presumed deceased.

Pilot's physical minifigure counterpart

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