The Joker
70900 TheJoker
Gender Male
Enemies Batman, Robin, Batgirl
Friends Harley Quinn (love interest)
Job Villain
Hometown Gotham City

The Joker is Batman's arch-nemesis and the main antagonist in the 2017 film The LEGO Batman Movie. He is voiced by Zach Galifianakis.


Unlike most depictions of Joker, this one is slightly more vulnerable and sensitive. He feels attached to Batman and is disappointed when Batman tells him that he doesn't see anything special in their relationship. Still, he is still extremely manipulative and intelligent, as he managed to make up a pretty simple but effective plan that included manipulating Batman. Most of the time, he is pretty polite to Batman despite their rivarly. He is shown surprisingly to not like too much violence, as when in the Phantom Zone, when the others said to eat him, he told them to cut down the violence, and when Sauron asked to make the city streets run red with Batman's blood, he disapproves of that.


Joker has pale white skin, messy and spiky green hair, big eyebrows, wears red lipstick and has mouth full of shark-like teeth. He describes his body as "too much flab, not enough ab", implying that he may be chubby, through it's not visible since he is a standard Lego minifigure. He usually wears orange shirt, green tie with orange skull pattern, purple striped vest with orange skull buttons, purple suit and purple bottom. He has heart and spades tattoos on his arms.



  • His relationship with Batman is depicted as slightly romantic, even through they constantly use words as "hate" and "greatest enemy" when refering to each other.