Hello, Awesomites! This is Neil Rush, and I am a huge fan of Legos and The Lego Movie! While I don't entirely agree with the desicion to make it almost all in Finn's imagination, I understand the idea behind it and think that it's one of the best messages of one of the best films of 2014. I'm glad that Phil Lord and Chris Miller have helped use their genius to remind the world that Legos, imagination, and happiness aren't just for children. Adults need them just as much, if not more. While the story's status as all in Finn's imagination makes a sequel not entirely work, at least for me, I am still interested in what Phil and Chris will do for the sequel and spinoff projects. And while I don't want this to involve Phil and Chris in as large of a capacity and be entirely removed from the Lego Movie Universe, I would definitely want to see a Bionicle movie released theatrically and with skilled science-fantasy-action-advetnure-dramedy writers, prodeucers, and directors working on it. I hope to become a truly awesome member of this wiki!

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