White Spaceman
Gender Male
Enemies Lord Business
Friends The Master Builders, Red Spaceman and Benny (brothers)
Job Spaceman
Hometown Space Cape

The White Spaceman is a character and Master Builder in The LEGO Movie.


The White Spaceman is a Master Builder that lives in Space Cape with his brothers, the Red Spaceman and Benny. He and the Red Spaceman attend the assembly of Master Builders at Cloud Cuckoo Land and show displeasure at Emmet after proclaiming he isn't a Master Builder. Afterwards, Cloud Cuckoo Land is attacked and subsequently destroyed. Unlike most of the Master Builders, they actually escape back into Space Cape, where they hear Wyldstyle's speech and are later seen when Benny crashes though the wall of the space realm in his spaceship.


The White Spaceman wears a white spacesuit adorning the Classic Space logo and a jetpack and helmet. Like Emmet and Benny, he has no pupils in his eyes.


The White Spaceman, along with the Red Spaceman, were the first Classic Space minifigures to debut in the long-running Classic Space LEGO theme, with the White Spaceman appearing in a total of 35 sets, two of which were not part of the
White Spaceman

White Spaceman

Classic Space theme and included a vintage version of the minifigure.


  • White Classic Spacemen were made to represent explorers.
  • Unlike Benny, White Spaceman is shown to have teeth.
  • In the video game, White Spaceman can be used in the hacking minigame as multiplayer character.